Company Policy

As authors we've had our share of bad experiences with publishers. We're certainly not perfect and we're still learning, but we've established these policies to try and ensure that we do our best to help you put out your best work.

  1. All authors, digital or otherwise, will be allowed to see the electronic/pdf/jpg version of their book/story/cover and approve it as well as any changes before it is published.

  2. If there is time before the publication date of a physical book (with the exception of anthologies), the author is allowed to purchase an advance copy of their book at cost. This does not count toward the author’s contributor copies and any changes that need to be made following the arrival of the advance copy will be tended to as soon as possible. 

  3. Author’s wishing to purchase copies of their book need to provide a full mailing address, the title(s) they wish to purchase, and the number of copies for each title. We will then provide an official quote with a couple of different purchase options. This is to remove any guesswork and provide a paper trail/receipts for purchases. We already have this system in place and a page on our store website to get started, but now it is going to be actual policy. If you simply want to reorder, just send us an email saying that you want this. We’ll provide a fresh quote and we can move on from there.

  4. We are entirely accepting. If you have preferred nouns/names/etc please let us know (as long as you’re comfortable doing so) and we will do our utmost to use those identifiers.

  5. Honesty and transparency is important to us. We have made mistakes in the past, and are sure to make them again, and it’s imperative to us that we own up to those mistakes and do better in the future. We ask the same of our authors. Publishing a book should never be a one-sided project like it has been in the past and with other companies. We intend to change that dynamic and work directly with our authors.



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