Meet the Editors

Karen Otto

Owner & Editor

The biggest driving force behind the growth seen over the past three years at Branching Realities can easily be attributed to the hard work and dedication of Karen Otto. She began helping Toby with copy work at first, then started editing Bloodbond, Frostfire Worlds, and even going to conventions for him in order to represent the company. She’s always looking for new ways to advertise, generate revenue, and help the authors of the world get their dreams published with great results.


Karen is in charge. This could be a general statement, how-ever, she is mostly in charge of editing and reading for novels, putting our books together for publishing, shipping, and social media and advertising.

To say the least, she is a busy person.

When she’s not completely engaged with making sure that things are running smoothly for everyone, she’s cuddling one of her numerous cats or guinea pigs, playing video games, reading for fun, or writing her own amazing book series – “The Void”.

Karen can most easily be reached on the Discord channel.

Bill Otto

Horror Master, Digital Editor, Director of Dreams

Bill is in charge of horror at Branching Realities, and he is not only very good at his job, he very much enjoys the dark things people send for him to read. He’s great at finding just the right combination of nightmare, fantasy, and entertainment for the downloads and is always anxious to read more.


His other duties include helping with editing of various books, aiding Karen in her endeavors and experiments in making Branching Realities bigger and better, and is now in charge of converting our books and stories into the proper digital format for our store and sites.

In addition, on Fridays he takes a day to read snippets and shorts sent to him to help guide people to the right places in Branching Realities and tries to guide people to the right magazines and editors to get their work published properly.

When not busy with work at Branching Realities, Bill enjoys various video games, listening to music, and doing some of his own writing. He often helps Karen with her world and character building for her series “The Void”.


If you have questions about where to send something in Branching Realities, you can send him an email at


Finally, if you need to ask him random questions or get his attention for something else, try

Jessica Sneeringer

Frostfire Worlds Editor

Having roamed a circle around the South and Midwest, Jessica Sneeringer has set her feet down in Tulsa where she is a stay-at-home-mom, writer, and into any other bookish thing you can imagine. She’s an equal opportunity animal-lover who spent way too much time in school avoiding math.


She is the editor for Frostfire Worlds and you can find her on Twitter and Instagram at: _TheWordyWolf



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