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It’s been a turbulent year, and that’s putting it mildly. We’ve felt the pressure from the world at large in different ways and we’re doing our best to work through it. When we changed to Branching Realities Independent Publishing from Alban Lake, it was to make a fresh start and to really take control of a company that was now ours. Karen and I have done our best to support the authors that stayed with us, the new authors that are going to work with us, and all those who continue to support us in everything we do.


Our goal, from the very start of our work back with Alban Lake, was to make sure that all independent authors felt as though they belonged. We’ve done our best to promote and help the LGBTQ+ as both Karen and I are part of them, and we’ve never had restrictions on who could submit or get published with us. All we wanted were good stories.

We’re doing our best to keep that up, even after the upset of the name change and all the fallout and problems that came with it, but there is something else we want to address and talk about and we’ve taken some time to make sure we say what we believe and what we can and will do.

We support Black Lives Matter. Both Karen and I have been doing our best to support it online and our small neck of the woods, but we had no idea how to go about saying anything as a company. Since Karen and I are the company, we now know what to say.

On our site, on our Discord, in out Twitter, on our Facebook, you are welcome. We cannot know what it is like to be a minority, we cannot know what is like to be targeted and to be afraid of what might happen if we were to walk alone down the street or to have the police pull up next to us because of the color of our skin. We would never ever say we could fully understand, but we can do our best to empathize and we can do our best to make sure that we don’t judge because of anything like that. We want to be as inclusive as possible, regardless of race or gender, and we will always do our best to do just that.

We can’t speak to what’s happened or come before us, but now that we are in charge, we can say that your worth isn’t judged here for any reason, only the content of your stories. We want to help you get published, we want to help you get your writing out there, we want to help you get your voice heard.

We do now how incredible that feels.

We hope this helps, and thank you for letting us learn and helping us grow.

Karen and Bill Otto - Owners



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