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Come follow the whispers into the darkness.

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Hellborne #66

Nightmarish creatures stalk innocent mortals from the shadows. Maddened killers laugh as they tear their prey apart. Ancestral ghosts locked in candles come forth to take the dead into their ever growing family. Zombies fall in love and find their way to meet their – still living – parents.

​These, then are just a handful of the stories that can be found within the digital worlds of The Abyss.

​This is where the dark and the strange thrive; the twisted and the macabre, even the humorous, so long as it will leave readers with a chill and hesitant to turn off the lights before bed. These are the things in our ancestral memory; those dark, clawing things, those primal fears, those blood soaked memories and put them to the page.

​Come forth, children, and unleash hell and beyond, for even the darkness must have its stories told.

​What It's About

I'm looking for solid horror stories that catch my attention and are well written. That's it in a nutshell. To give you a better idea of what I like, I have accepted stories about zombies falling in love, someone cursed to have their flesh fall off, a charming tale about a pair of young sisters who stumble through time accidentally, a Lovecraftian horror that may or may not have all been in the protagonist's head, a witch torturing and killing poachers in her forest, and even a story about fresh faced youth in the early days of World War II at a dance who are stalked by a dark, shadowy figure. So, the stories I'm looking for are quite varied and just need to be well written and use horror aspects well. It doesn't have to be scary, gross, or terrifying, but those are most welcome as well. 

While I might accept a slasher movie style story where you’re rooting for the “villain”, it would have to be a really good read, and we’d prefer that we have a protagonist that people care about and want to win even if they–and sometimes because–they don’t. I want everything from lighthearted and dark humor, such as humanity turning monsters that cause depression into personal pets, to nightmarish gore where entrails and blood flow like wine. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, murderers, we want your dark, terrifying stories to thrill and entertain. 

​Publishing Details

Edited by Bill Otto, this is an electronic collection of short stories. We will publish one new story every Friday where they will stay for a full year.

Submission Details

The Abyss will host short stories in the bookstore and authors will receive 35% of the stories price when purchased. To be considered for The Abyss, a story must be a minimum of 3000 words.


​How to Submit

Submit your work to

​In the subject line of the e-mail, put Submission, your last name, and the title of the work submitted. 

SUBMISSION EXAMPLE: “Submission – Dahmer – A Special Dinner”

While I am not picky with formatting, my preferences are docx and other Word standard documents with no extra formatting (no header/footer/page numbers) and if you want to earn extra points, putting it in Times New Roman font at 14 point is appreciated, though not necessary. 

​Next, make sure your contact information is in the upper left corner of your manuscript and in your email. Put the approximate word count in the upper right corner of your manuscript.


J.H. Tobin                                                          Word Count: 5772
14 N Moore St
New York, New York 10013
paypal [if any]​

​If your submission does not include your contact information, Branching Realities Independent Publishing reserves the right to delete your submission unread and without notifying you.



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